Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: How to beat Xion

Xion has four forms that you need to beat in order to finish the game. Here you will find tips on each form here.

Xion: First Form

A winged creature with rockets and a sword. You can tell that it will attack by the sparks it gives off. Avoid those attacks then jump towards Xion and attack in mid air.

Xion: Second Form

Two feet and one big scythe are your main problems in this section. Run circles around this form and attack from behind, for the drawbacks. When it is pulled up take a different tactic. Run away from the first round of missiles and get in a distance attack before the second round is fired off.

Xion: Third Form

Four swords are your foes. Run away from Xion when it tries to drop on you. Beware of glowing blades, which signal the combo attacks. Use the limit breaks as much as possible to get through this form. Do not let Xion generate an energy bubble, it will restore full health.

Xion: Fourth Form

A giant form and two big Keyblade like swords. When Xion stays still do your hits. Dodge at all other times. Be aware because as health drops below one quarter more attacks abound. Stay the course, and use limit breaks when you need to.

Congratulations. You just beat the game!

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