Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cool Things to do with your new 3DS

Want to know some neat things to do with your new 3DS? Well here are a few tricks for you to try:
1. Extend the battery life- Lower the screens brightness. The lower the brightness, the longer the charge. When playing a DS game, press the home button. This will pause the game then hold start and press up and down on the dpad to adjust the brightness of the game.
2. Use menu shortcuts- Hold L+R+Y when you press the power button to take you to the circle-pad calibration screen. Hold L+R+X to take you to the touch screen calibration calibration screen.
3. Transfer a Mii from your Wii- To do this enter the Mii maker, select "send/receive" and tap "Mii channel". Now enter Wii's Mii channel and press A, B and 1 (in that particular order) and hold the 2 button to bring up the "Transfer to DS" button. From here drag your Mii's to the box to send them to your 3DS.

How about playing some free MP3's on your 3DS?:
1. Tomb Raider: Underworld- Download from
2. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD- Download from
3. Ocarina of Time- Download from
4. De Blob 2- This requires a Gamespot membership but you can go to
5. World of Goo- Download from

Better 3D photo's anyone?
1. Lighting- Make sure you have enough light because the 3DS's 0.3 megapixel lenses doesn't cope well with dark environments.
2. Position- Stand at least a meter away from the subject.
3. Backgrounds- Utilize as many backgrounds as possible to emphasis the 3D. You want a solid background that is also flat like wallpaper or brick.

How about some more AR fun?
1. Giant AR- The bigger the AR card, the more substantial the character that comes out of it will be.
2. Medium AR- Try to download a pdf version of all six cards ( and print them out at a larger size.
3. Face Raiders Cleanup- Select a face in "Face collection" and use the "Adjust" tool in "Customize" to zoom and pan until the eye and mouth markers are tightly aligned.
4. Backdrop- The more stuff going on in the background behind the AR cards, the more impressive the effect will be.
5. Lighting- AR cards work best in a well-lit area. Try going outside on a sunny day.

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