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Diablo 3: The Legacy of Cain

The next part of our Diablo 3 walkthrough is called, "The Legacy of Cain".

-Use the New Tristram Waypoint to go to the old Ruins with Leah.
-Find Adria's Hut by following the Old Tristram Road northeast of the Old Ruins.
-Search Adria's Hut northeast of the Old Ruins.
-Go down the ladder to the Hidden Cellar in Adria's Hut northeast of the Old Ruins.
-Explore the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut.
-Kill Captain Daltyn and the Risen in the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut.
-Talk to Leah in the Hidden Cellar beneath Adria's Hut.
-Go to the Cathedral by exiting the Hidden Cellar and following the path northeast from Adria's Hut.
-Descend into the Cathedral Level 1 northeast of Adria's Hut.
-Search for signs of Deckard Cain in the Cathedral.
-Kill the skeletons attacking Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage.
-Talk to Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage in the Cathedral.
-Follow Deckard Cain out of Leoric's Passage.
-Talk to Leah in New Tristram.

Next to Captain Rumford you will now find Leah. Speak with her to begin this
quest. Once you begin the quest, she will join you as a companion. Make your
way to the Waypoint that you just came from and head back to the Old Ruins.
As soon as you exit the waypoint Leah will move to open the Old Tristram gate.
From here you must find Adria's Hut. Walk through the now open gate and enter
the Old Tristram Road. It shouldn't take long to reach the hut. Once you are
there enter the hut. As soon as you do so you will reveal an entrance to a
hidden cellar. Head downstairs to begin your dungeon crawl.

Once down in the cellar make your way to the cauldron. Touch it and the
Captain and his Risen guards will rise to attack you. Slay them to continue on
your quest. Once they are dead, Leah leaves your party.

Speak to Leah again to learn your next objective. Leave the hidden cellar and make
your way to the Cathedral. Head away from Adria's Hut in the opposite
direction from which you came. You will shortly run into the Cathedral
entrance. Head on inside and then down to the first level. Once here you must search
for signs of Deckard Cain. You will begin in the Northeast of the level. Make
your way southeast to the crossroads section of this level. Northwest and
Southeast from here are areas to explore, kill, and loot. To the Southwest
you will come to another cross. The southeast wing will lead you to the next
part of your quest. Here you will find a glowing doorway that leads to
Leoric's Passage. Go through the door.

Upon entering Leoric's Passage you are given a short animated scene. Once the
scene is complete immediately move to the aid of Deckard Cain and slay the
four Royal Henchmen attacking him. Two more groups will be summoned, the
third group will include the mini-boss, Head cleaver~Royal Executioner. He has
very few hit points and should still drop very quickly with basic attacks.
After you have defeated Headcleaver, Cain will be ready to talk to you with a
quest. You can explore the rest of the area and discover an Ornate Door. It
is currently "Sealed by the power of the Skeleton King" so expect to return
here in the future. Follow him up the steps to the Cathedral Garden. Here,
Cain will walk to your second Waypoint. Follow him through the Waypoint back
to New Tristram. Speak with Leah to complete this quest chain.

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