Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lego Batman 2: Juggernaut Chase

The next part in our walkthrough is called, "Juggernaut Chase".

Fire an explosive at the silver block around the middle of the truck that the Batmobile is chasing. Switch to Robin's motorcycle and pull the cover off with grapple hook. Switch back to Batmobile and shoot the 2 LexBots inside the truck, while dodging the explosives and gunfire from the truck's weapons. Switch back to Robin and pull the 2 panels shielding the LexBots with grapple hook to leave them undefended again. Switch back to Batmobile and shoot the LexBots again. A Minikit (Heavy Joker Goon) will fall out of the truck, so catch it before moving on to the next area.

Now that you are inside the truck, defeat all the LexBots to get parts for a suit signal. Change to Robin with his Magnet Suit and walk up the Magnetic Wall. Avoid the security camera for now. Turn the wheel so Batman can grapple up. Head right and defeat the LexBot in the next room, then hack the computer for parts to build another suit signal. Change Batman into his Sensor Suit, Stealth by the security camera and pull the lever to deactivate it. Climb up the ladder to the next area.

Head to the right. Stealth by the security camera and grapple the switch to deactivate it. Switch to Robin and walk up the Magnetic Wall to avoid the air currents. Step on the red button to close the air vents. Throw Batarangs at the 3 red bulls eye targets until all 3 of them turn green. Continue heading to the right until you find another red bulls eye target. Hit it with a Batarang for parts to build two red buttons. Step
on both buttons to open exhaust vents and activate a lever. Pull the lever to extend a bridge. Grapple up and cross the bridge to the right. Jump down to the the Climb Bars on the front bumper of the truck for a Minikit (LexBot). Backtrack a little and down a bit near the tires on the side of the truck. Throw a Batarang at the red bulls eye target over the green plate to make it fall open, creating a horizontal platform you can stand on. Use the Sensor Suit's X-Ray Vision, then have Robin turn the wheel until the door opens so you can go inside to the next area.

Break the barrel for parts to build a lever. Pull the lever to open the door so you can head to the left into the next area. Defeat all the LexBots to deactivate one of the 3 lasers guarding the Kryptonite. Defeat the spider to reveal a red button on the floor. Step on the button to reveal a Minikit (Black Canary) Pull the lever next to
the Minikit to turn off the electricity so you can collect it. Walk up the magnetic wall and break the crystal on the platform to deactivate another laser. Stealth under the security camera to reach the parts beneath it, build a lever and pull it to deactivate the camera. Grapple up to the platform above the security camera and break the crystal there to deactivate another laser. Once all 3 lasers have been deactivated, this section of the game will end with a cut scene.

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Anonymous said...

you have missed out 2 of the 5 minikits!?!!? do you know where they are?

David said...

The other two with come from Free Play Mode. Hope this helps. You need to melt the golden crate with Heat Vision for a Minikit (Two-Face). Then the second one is going to be when you cut a hole in the red wall with Heat Vision and go through into a side room. Then defeat the enemies in the room for a key card, and use it to reveal a prism. Refract Heat Vision through the prism, then turn the wheel on the left to change the angle of the prism and refract Heat vision again. Go through the glass door when it opens to get a Minikit (Katana).